Sledge of the Day

David Leyonhjelm usually sledges pesky reporters and tells them to fuck off

David Leyonhjelm usually sledges pesky reporters and tells them to fuck off

Peter FitzSimons is normally a top bloke who calls a spade a bloody shovel. He is also one who like a good sledge himself.

But he has gotten all pissy over an email he received from Aussie?Senator David?Leyonhjelm whose office responded to enquiries with a brilliant sledge.

The nastiest, most sexist politician in Australia right now?

It is a tough one, but I am going to go with Senator David?Leyonhjelm.

An elderly female reader, Elizabeth Donelan,?took exception to the following comments from the Senator, defending Donald Trump’s admission of sexual assault, where he said of the Republican presidential candidate:?”He is a man of his times, perhaps. So perhaps you could cut him a little bit of slack.” ?

She wrote to Senator Leyonhjelm, saying she has, “NEVER heard men commenting upon women in such a despicable way as Trump has in the recently released quotes. You appear to me to be a similar age to Trump and should NEVER condone this attitude or these words.”

The reply from his email address? “Go away and stop proving you are a bimbo. You are not fit to use a computer.”

When I approached his media adviser Gavin Atkins, seeking confirmation that the email was from him personally, I received the following reply: “You can quote a spokesperson from Senator Leyonhjelm’s office as follows:?’We are greatly concerned by this email. Usually he just tells constituents who make things up to f—?off. We are worried he may be mellowing’.”

With such personal abuse, the Senator disgraces the office he holds.

Sounds like the?media advisor?is a top bloke, one who cares deeply for his boss.

Harden up Peter. That is a good sledge back at you.