So bloody what? Media party jumps shark in attacking Brethren

Bevan Hurley has jumped the shark this morning,?and his former pals at the NZ Herald joined in too, in attacking the Brethren for daring to have Steve Hansen and Willie Apiata speak at one fo their conferences.

All Blacks coach Steve Hansen and Victoria Cross winner?Willie Apiata were among top-dollar guest speakers at a controversial $2000-a-day Exclusive Brethren business conference this week.

Hansen told more than 2200 guests about the values of teamwork at the event, named “Game Plan 2016” and held at Auckland’s Vector Arena.?The event was organised through an Exclusive Brethren-run business network called the Universal Business Team (UBT) ? an?expert?on the closed and conservative church called the speakers’ involvement “unprecedented”.

The Exclusive Brethren came to prominence in New Zealand in 2005 for secretly?trying to influence voters to support the National Party, with an expensive?attack campaign against?the Greens and Labour.?National leader Don Brash resigned from Parliament in 2006?following revelations of his close links with the Brethren, who reportedly spent $1.2m trying to buy the result of the 2005 general election.

Kim Dotcom spent far more than that in 2014 and the media all clutched at his hem. But, so bloody what.

Who really cares who speaks at a conference organised by the Brethren. This just shows the banality of the?Media party who were all in the thrall of a convicted fraudster who was trying to influence an election.

This is just moralising on their part. The Brethren are supposedly evil and can’t be trusted because they wanted to back the National party, whereas others are saints because they oppose National.

In case they hadn’t realised we live in a ?free country where we have rights and Freedom of Association is just one of those.

All Bevan Hurley and the other lickspittles of the left in the Media party are trying to do is become the arbiters of who can speak and to whom. They must be resisted.

It is a pathetic attack on law-abiding taxpayers who have done no wrong other than daring to promote a party that wasn’t Labour.

We don’t have official censorship in this country but the Media party and the left-wing are trying their own version.


– Fairfax