So who were Marama’s ship mates on the Ship of Fools?

David Farrar writes:

Green MP Marama Davidson has some great peaceful shipmates on board her feminist peace flotilla (of one ship!). Tablet Mag has details.

First we have?Ola Abed who is a video game inventor. How cool. What does the game do??Encourage kids to shoot Israelis. You even get extra points for headshots!

We also have?Norsham Abu Bakr who has said Israel is actually behind the Islamic terrorist attacks in Munich and Nice.

Wendy Goldsmith seems to thinks Israel was behind 9/11

And we also?have?Fauzia Hasan who has openly advocated banning Sisters in Islam, a Muslim women?s movement working for gender equality within the religion.

I was somewhat flippant when I called Marama Davidson a Hamas-hugging supporter of terrorism. It seems I was right.

Tablet Mag has much more detail:

Who?s on board these love boats? As you can imagine, those whose moral compasses guide them straight into the arms of murderers who execute?gays, oppress?women, and spend every penny they get?on planning and executing terrorist attacks. Like Ola Abed: she?s one of the people behind Gaza Man, a video game?that encourages kids to shoot as many Israelis as they can, with extra points given for headshots. Too callous for your taste? Head over to Abed?s Facebook page?and enjoy her frequent expressions of support for murderous attacks on Israeli civilians, or sample her?Twitter feed?for a taste of more uplifting calls for peace and love, like the hashtag #GiveUsWeapons.

The boats are sailing to Gaza from Barcelona, and these long nights at sea can get lonely, so Abed is lucky to have folks like Norsham Abu Bakr to keep her company. Abu Bakr, a Muslim Brotherhood supporter, has palled around with Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh and has waxed poetic on her Facebook page, sharing posts that accuse the Mossad of orchestrating the recent terrorist attacks in Munich and Nice. It?s a sentiment Wendy Goldsmith probably shares?the London, Ontario social worker, another of the boat?s passengers, was a chatty guest on Kevin Barrett?s Truth Jihad, a radio show dedicated in large part to promoting the idea that the Zionist entity is behind every major bloody attack in recent memory, starting with 9/11.

Don?t find any of this troubling? Unmoved by discrimination directed exclusively at Jews? No worries: the bigotry of the women on board contains multitudes. Just ask passenger Fauzia Hasan, a Malaysian doctor who has openly advocated banning Sisters in Islam, a Muslim women?s movement working for gender equality within the religion.

These are the people the Green party supports and hangs with. I wonder how Labour feels about that MOU now?


– Kiwiblog, Tablet