Soper on Goff



Don’t be fooled by his ready smile and his easy going nature. He and four others told the low polling Clark in 1996 it was time for her to go. She refused but embraced them, promoting them into senior positions in her shadow Cabinet.

Goff’s been called a lot of things in his time. His predecessor in the Auckland mayoralty John Banks once dubbed him Marmite, reasoning that a little goes a long way, while David Lange once referred to him as far-Goff, probably hoping he would.

So the boy who left home at 16, refusing the dictates of his dad who wanted him to become a chippie, and instead putting himself through university is now arguably facing his biggest challenge, getting Auckland back on its feet.

He couldn’t do it with Labour but reckons he can do it with our biggest city and at least in his new role, most would wish him well.


I suspect that in the next year or so Phil Goff will be ruing the day he decided to stand for mayor of Auckland. ?After Len 1.0, it’s a bit of a hospital pass.

Yes, I do wish him well if he’s going to cut waste, destroy fiefdoms, and keep the rates down. ? But we all know he won’t. ?Thirty years of track record as a tax and spend kind of empire builder isn’t going to turn around just because he’s now a mayor.

Even if he wants to, the monster that is Auckland Council won’t let him.


– Barry Soper, NZ Herald