Sorry Mr Little, but we’ve discovered more good news


vai RNZ

New Zealand firms had a more positive outlook in September about both their own prospects and the wider economy, with employment intentions and profit expectations rising.

A net 27.9 per cent of firms were optimistic about the general economic outlook over the coming year, up from a net 15.5 per cent in August, according to the ANZ Business Outlook.

A net 42.4 per cent of companies see their own activity expanding, compared to a net 33.7 per cent a month earlier.

Increased profits were expected by a net 34.4 per cent of the 413 respondents compared to a net 22.2 per cent in August, while a net 25.3 per cent are expecting to hire more staff in the year ahead, up from 19.2 per cent a month earlier.

“The economy remains odds-on to put in another good year,” ANZ Bank New Zealand chief economist Cameron Bagrie said in his report.

Oppositions don’t win elections. ?Governments lose them. ?And with the economy ticking along as it is, National’s role in a fourth National-led coalition government looks likely.

So likely that the big wigs and critical staff have left Fraser House. ?They simply can’t face two more years of having their nose rubbed into Andy’s doo-doos.


– NZN via Yahoo! News