Splitting hacking hairs: Journalistic ethics 101


https://twitter.com/theintercept/status/788807180690464768 screenshot-Whaleoil

So let me get this straight…
A criminal hacker illegally hacking e-mails is okay.
A criminal hacker dumping all the hacked material so that it available for the public to sift through it is not okay.
A journalist accepting the hacked e-mails from a criminal hacker is okay
A journalist sifting through all the hacked material is okay.
A journalist deciding what juicy details will be shown to the public and which one won’t is okay.




Essentially the point the journalist makes in this?twitter audio file?is that the public have a right to know anything government related that is hacked/stolen but that the privacy of individuals e-mails should be respected. What is unclear is whether or not she means individuals’ work e-mail addresses or personal e-mail addresses? Then you have to ask where do they draw the line? What if the personal e-mails were discussing work/government related issues? By allowing hacked as opposed to leaked information, Pandora’s box has been opened by the Media.