Spot on Judith: “I see a poverty of ideas, a poverty of parental responsibility, a poverty of love, a poverty of caring.”

Judith Collins is dead right in her comments about who is responsible for the so-called child poverty issue.

Of course, the perpetually outraged have decided to scream and the Media party have joined in.

Children’s advocates are upset?by Justice Minister Judith Collins’ comments apparently blaming many child poverty problems on parents.

At the Police Association annual conference in Wellington, the minister responded to a question from a Northland police officer, who said police were often busy with gangs, RNZreported.

Gangs often had members who experienced poverty as children, he said.

New Zealand?child welfare policies?were?criticised by the United Nations in its latest report, which called for urgent measures to combat violence, abuse, and neglect.

Collins said the government was doing more for child poverty than the UN and money was available in New Zealand for those in need,?the report said. ??

“It’s not that, it’s people who don’t look after their children, that’s the problem.

“And they can’t look after their children in many cases because they don’t know how to look after their children or even think they should look after their children.

“I see a poverty of ideas, a poverty of parental responsibility, a poverty of love, a poverty of caring.”

She also said she knew it was “not [politically correct], but, you know, that’s me.”

Collins later said she felt a?question?linking child poverty to crime was unfair. It was insulting to imply that being financially poor led to criminality and “actually I take umbrage at anyone suggesting that someone being financially not well off is a driver of crime.”

Predictably, the childless child expert in Labour Jacinda Ardern had something stupid to say.

Labour spokesperson for children Jacinda Ardern said the comments ran counter to cases where families did all they could do, working more than one job. She said the minister was deflecting from the causes of child poverty, low incomes and housing unavailability.

This is the problem with labels like child poverty. Children don’t earn anything so by definition are poor. But they also can’t get jobs, or buy houses. So Ardern is just being silly in saying that low incomes and housing unavailability are only affecting children.

She clearly didn’t get the news that the lowest paid amongst us also go the biggest pay rises.

The problem is no child poverty. The problem is as Judith Collins says it is, or as we here at WOBH call it ‘Shit Parents Syndrome’ or SPS.


– Fairfax