Stolen assault weapons won’t end up on the black market

via thehits

via thehits


Thieves have made off with a haul of military-style firearms and ammunition after a burglary in Dunedin.

Police say the 28 semi-automatic weapons, five rifles and 23 handguns, and a large amount of ammunition were stolen from a Maitland Street address on Tuesday.

The owner of the weapons is a firearms licence-holder and they were securely stored.

“It is extremely important to recover any firearm that is in the wrong hands and police are investigating this crime as a matter of priority,” said Detective Senior Sergeant Kallum Croudis.

He said police want to made aware of any vehicle sightings or people trying to hide, trade or sell the weapons.

These weapons will never see the light of day. ?They are securely stored an one or more gang HQs. ?By definition these weapons are too unique to be traded without all sorts of alarm bells going off. ? They knew what this man owned. ?They knew how to get them. ?And not a single weapon will be recovered through a car-boot sale or a meeting at the back of a pub.

Someone call Heather du Plessis-Alan. ?I think we’ve got ourselves another loophole.


– NZN via Yahoo! News