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ALDEN WILLIAMS/Fairfax NZ AT ODDS: Georgina Beyer has attacked Internet Mana Party founder Kim Dotcom.

AT ODDS: Georgina Beyer has attacked Internet Mana Party founder Kim Dotcom.

This post is not about politics or trans -gender issues. It is about the difference between true friends and fake friends. The difference between loyalty and disloyalty, strength and weakness.

Georgina is a principled person. I realised just how strong her principles were after watching this video.

It made me realise that her telling the truth about Kim Dotcom was at a great personal cost to her. She desperately needed employment yet would not hide her concerns in order to keep the chance of a job as an?electorate?MP for the Internet Party alive. When she described how she was treated by people she thought were her friends once she was no longer in parliament I felt her pain. We learned who our true friends were after we were hacked. Nothing separates out the wheat from the chaff like things going wrong. Like Georgina?we soon learned which friendships only existed when we were of use to them and which were real friendships.

I am glad that TVNZ’s Marae did the piece they did on Georgina. It was a raw piece and it showed both Georgina’s strength and the cut-throat nature of politics. True friends in politics are rare.

“People I used to know in my political life would all but cross the road, avoid me. I hate that about people, I really do.”

At the last election…

Beyer last night claimed it was Internet Party founder Dotcom who was “pulling the strings” behind Internet-Mana, in spite of Harawira being the combined party’s leader.

“When I start seeing the leader starting to forfeit some of his long-held beliefs for the sake of political expediency I begin to worry,” Beyer told 3News.

She also questioned Dotcom’s motives for getting into politics, saying “his reason for becoming involved… is one of retribution against people who he feels have slighted him”.

She had also questioned the lack of resource being put into her campaign for the southern Maori seat of Te Tai Tonga, in spite of the largess of Dotcom.

…But she was not prepared to keep trying to dance on the head of a pin each time someone asked her a direct question about Dotcom.

…”He may be the funder and so-called visionary of the Internet Party but he’s not a candidate in the election. He really should take a back seat from being out in front, and leave it to his candidates and our (Mana) candidates to get on with it … without him being a huge distraction.”

As she was not on the party list, Beyer’s own political future depended on her electorate candidacy.

She would continue touring the South Island before returning to Wellington on September 10 to campaign in that part of the huge electorate.

She was on dialysis four times a day, but was pacing herself, she said.

“I was doing it in the back of the car from Waihola – it only takes about half an hour.”

The dialysis affected how vigorous she could be, but compensating for that was her political experience.

“I’m a campaigner from way back,” she said.

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