Teacher Unions attempt to win hearts and minds with a Bus tour

Bus tours can be great and my favourite dangerous faggot Milo, knows how to do one in style.

I suspect however that the teachers’ bus tour will be more hippy commune style than gangster chic.

. hippy bus 93 .

. hippy bus 93 .

…The government is consulting on proposals to change the way schools are funded.

The NZEI and the PPTA are launching a bus tour on Monday to promote their position in the debate.

They say schools and early childhood services are chronically under-funded and the proposed changes are a return to the failed bulk funding model.

…Education Minister Hekia Parata has said she’s disappointed as the proposal is not a return to bulk funding and it’s one of several being considered.

In August she said six proposals were being developed including taking a per-child approach to funding, additional funding for those most at risk of under-achievement, and supplementary funding for small and isolated schools.

More than 100 schools and early childhood centres nationwide will be visited by the “better funding, better learning” roadshow organised by the teacher unions.