The Conservative party, Colin, a rock and a hard place

Leighton Baker, via The Press

Leighton Baker, via The Press

The Conservative Party finds itself in a position where it is split. ?One side are there because of Colin. ?The other side are there because of the values and policies.

Nominal chairman Leighton Baker is trying to merge both sides into one coherent party again.

This has been one of those “long weeks in politics”. The court case decision, the human rights revelations and the constant media attention have brought things to a head last night with Colin Craig’s resignation from the Party.

The human rights revelations. ?The “sexual harassment” that we must not speak of.

As a board we have had emails demanding that we dump Colin and change names, and others saying that if we dump Colin, they will leave. We have tried to be diligent in our responses, however there is a lot of misunderstanding, so we would like to put a few things straight.

Oh, please do.

This party was set up to fight for the rights of New Zealanders to have a democratic say in policies introduced by parliament. The Citizens Initiated Referenda Act 1993 has not worked as it has been non-binding and NO government has honoured the result of a CIR.

Colin and Helen Craig have poured a huge amount of resources into this party to try and get CIR binding, and for that we are very thankful. Colin has made some unwise choices that have put us in a position where he recognises his association with the Party makes it near impossible for the Party to pursue its goals of BCIR. Whether your view is one that Colin has clearly brought this on himself, or that he has been set up and taken out unjustly, does not change the facts above.

So the Conservative party is a single issue party: ?Binding Citizen Initiated Referenda. ?Somewhat ironic to have such a party created, sponsored and headed up by Mr Craig, who clearly does not appreciate the “binding referendum” of a unanimous jury verdict.

We do not want to give up on democracy and we do not want to lose supporters. However, if there is any hope of us achieving the purpose that the Party was established for, then we must move forward on what we agree on, which is that Conservative values are relevant in New Zealand.

There is a conservative constituency that is looking for a home. ?Under different circumstances, the Conservative party may have been the right vehicle for it. ? But all the party will achieve is to drain away valuable votes from the right, thereby essentially gifting half of them to the left. ?It will make it harder for National to have a dominant position, and Winston will be in the drivers seat.

We would ask you to carefully consider if those values hold true to you, if you are willing to sacrifice and fight for them, and if you are willing to look at the bigger picture. We value your support! We would also love to see you at our discussion groups and AGM on Sat Nov 12, from 1.00pm to 5.00pm Airport Holiday Inn, Auckland. Members only.

What the Conservative party never quite understood is that they also have people that support the ideas of the Conservative party as well as Whaleoil.

On that basis, “Whaleoil” will be at the AGM to observe and report back.