The Kitten LIVES!


Thank you all so much for your kind donations.

Thank you very much, thank you very very much…..

As this is a political blog, let’s run a political version of the Telethon song. ?This brings back memories!

If you only just caught up, we’ve been asking for donations, no matter how small. ?(although bigger than $2 like the Labour Party. ?I mean… PUH-LEAZE!)

This will be the last post trying to pull on your heart strings. ?If you made it this far and you’ve still not pitched in a little to help a lot, I don’t expect to convince you by now.

If you are on the other hand an expert fence sitter, and you need a nudge, then consider this it. ?All the fun aside, we need some money to get through Xmas and New Year. ?And not to be too subtle about it, unless we manage to get some, Whaleoil will need to change what it does accordingly.

Many of you have been very generous. ?Words can not express our gratitude, so we’ll thank you by doing what we’re doing and keeping on doing it.

If you do want to get rid of that final bit of guilt, here are the details allowing you to donate a little money to us one last time:

Bank transfers or deposits can go here

ASB Bank
Social Media Consultants Limited

If you want to use a credit card, use the Donate facility via Paypal.


Thank you. ?Genuinely. ?This will see us through the lean times and allow us to survive until March next year. ?Just one note: ?the “Donation percentage” on this page does not reflect this fund raising drive. ?It only reflects the normal monthly contributions. ?Otherwise, it would have been spinning in several hundred percent by now. ?In the end it doesn’t matter, either way, but this was actually easier to do. ? Just wanted you to know why the percentage hasn’t shot up. ?

In another life, I used to spin music on radio. ?And you never know if you’re actually reaching anyone when you’re talking into a microphone. ?One day, I walked into a home to pick up a friend, and one of the people turns around after hearing me speak and goes “you… you’re that guy on the radio!”. ?It was the first time I had acknowledgement that I wasn’t just talking to myself.

Similarly, this fund raising drive has been deeply humbling. ? It shows we have a relationship with you out there. ?And even though we “speak into the microphone”, we don’t always get the feedback loop to know how we are doing. ?We know many of you don’t comment, so comments are not a measure of our true cut-through.

I like the idea that we have a contract with you where you know we don’t ask if we don’t need it. ?And in return, when we do ask, you always come through. ?And for us, apart from the practical side of having money to pay the bills and make it through Xmas and New Year, it is the most tangible way we can feel that we are standing on your shoulders.

You may not always agree with what we say, or what we do, or even how we go about it. ?But you clearly support the concept of Whaleoil, and for that we are deeply grateful.

Thank you very much. ?You know who you are. ?Thanks for being part of Whaleoil.