The left cares because it is the best job they are ever going to get

Rodney Hide looks at the election results and surmises that the left cares more than the right about politics.

The New Zealand Labour Party and the centre left once again clean up the local body elections. Two ex-Labour ministers run the two largest cities.

The third largest is headed by Labour?s candidate.

Media guru Bill Ralston explains his defeat by long-time local body politician and out-and-out lefty Mike Lee as centre-right voters not engaging in local body elections.

He?s right. The centre right enjoys the best people, the most money and unassailable argument but is hopeless at politics. That?s because we don?t care for it. We can think of 1001 better things to do with our time and our money.

Centre-right people believe the best thing is being productive with the zenith being running your own business. We look down our nose at politicians.

Yes, we do. Most politicians couldn’t run a bath much less their own office.

Centre-left people view government not as the abomination that it surely is but as the essence of being human with politics and government the highest calling especially as compared to business which they view as base and selfish.

And that?s where centre-right politics falters. It doesn?t engage us. But it enthuses and enthralls the left. It?s not that ex-Labour cabinet ministers can?t think of other things to do but that staying in politics and being mayor is them caring for us by bossing us around.

A good and honest centre-righter doesn?t spend his or her time at university playing at student politics. They are head-down paying their way and studying hard.

The centre-lefters cut their teeth in student politics and are involved in every protest action and leftist cause. They are synonymous with student politics.

Thankfully, most grow out of it and get a mortgage. But others never do. Phil Goff spent a lifetime in Parliament and will pick up his superannuation serving as mayor of New Zealand?s largest city.

He is an able guy and a hard worker. It seems to me a waste.

If there’s a trough there is a left-winger supping at it.

The left see government as a force of good and naturally gravitate towards it. The right see it as evil and stay well away.

The left love politics and can talk all day. The right despise politics and value doing over talking.

Should we despair? I think not. We can?t serve our values engaging in politics. Plus we drive the left nuts through our success and couldn?t-carelessedness. Government for us is an unnecessary overhead. It?s a burden we bear by our decision not to engage.

Yes, the left succeed in politics. But that?s because we abandon the field.

And, to be fair to my thesis, we don?t at present enjoy centre-right government. There is no difference between the John-Key-led government and Helen Clark?s either in terms of policy or personnel. Apart from tribal snobbishness, the entire cabinet would have been entirely comfortable as ministers in the Clark-led government.

The reason the left care so much is because for most of them a council position or an MPs job is the best they can ever hope for. It is also the reason they never leave. Look at Trevor Mallard, a failed school teacher, a failed MP, yet believes in his own importance because he was once a cabinet minister.?Yet he isn’t fit for any other purpose other than remaining a trougher. No business would add him to their board. No business would pay him to any job. Thus he remains at the trough.