The most formidable man in Auckland politics


Auckland Council only had two challengers remove incumbents, Greg Sayers in Rodney and Daniel ‘Vlad’ Newman in Manurewa-Papakura.

Sayers removed the allegedly right-wing Penny Webster, while the most ruthless, committed and dangerous campaigner in Auckland, ‘Vlad’ Newman managed to top the polls at the same time as consigning Calum Penrose to the knackers yard.

The smart money was always on ‘Vlad’ Newman who has sucked the lifeblood out of numerous opponents at the same time as dominating his local board. Unsurprisingly his personal vehicle Manurewa Action Team won every seat on the local board, and his campaign was so formidable Calum Penrose refused to attend meet the candidate events with him. ?

Penrose is just one of a long line of people including Colleen Brown, Jerome Mika, Raewyn Clark who have ended up with their head on a proverbial spike for going up against Vlad.

For those who don?t know Newman he is going to be the brains behind the centre-right on council, and a dangerous opponent for the detail free Mayor Phil Goff.

Expect a far more impressive performance from the centre-right councillors with Newman organising them, and also expect a fair bit of utu against the stupid people in the National Party who shafted him in Hunua. If National were sensible they would sue for peace before they get nailed as thoroughly as Brown, Mika & Penrose have been nailed.

On a more personal note, I was exceptionally pleased to see ‘Vlad’ Newman rinse Calum Penrose as Penrose was one of those dopey councillors who went against the local community in Arkles Bay and removed the set net ban. Considering?that on Friday there was a pod of over 30 dolphins in the bay it was a pretty stupid decision on Penrose’s part and one which cost him his job.