The Mt Roskill by-election sleepwalk is about to start

We spent thiiiis much on the new HQ

Trust me, I know what I’m doing


“I understand Mr Goff intends to resign on Tuesday or Wednesday” says National Party President Peter Goodfellow.

Labour have already selected Michael Wood as their candidate and the Greens have said they won’t contest the by-election.

National will select its candidate by October 19, likely to be local list MP Dr Parmjeet Parmar.

The People’s Party, an emerging party harnessing the frustration of migrant communities, will also be in the mix.

Mt Roskill has been held by Labour since it was created in 1999 and a government has never won a seat off an opposition party in a by-election in New Zealand.

But it’s expected to be a battle because the cost of housing is a hot issue in Auckland and the electorate is an interesting mix with 39 per cent of its population identifying as Asian.

Mr Goodfellow said it would be very difficult for National to win the by-election.

“And of course Labour and the Greens have done a deal for the seat to try and make it even less likely,” he says.

“We will however run a strong campaign.”

After this, National will have lost everything since?the general election. ?The fact that Goofellow is already making excuses for a poor showing is a bad sign. ?Voters don’t like National. ?They hate the alternative. ?And when voters have a chance to send that message without upsetting the apple cart, they have been consistently doing so.