The New Zealand Labour Party was founded by racists

by idbkiwi

I am terribly sorry to bring such bad news, especially being the centenary of the Labour Party ‘n all, and I don’t wish to rain on their parade or to dampen the joyous, nation-wide, celebrations taking place to commemorate that be-specialled anniversary, but: The truth is that the New Zealand Labour Party was founded by racists and their favourite son, Saint Michael Joseph Savage, leader of the first Labour government, founder of the welfare state, who once quipped he may be more popular than God, was the worst racist of all.

I uncovered these lamentable facts following the exact same intellectually rigorous process used by Massey Agricultural College “academic” Stephen Elers recently when he applied his considerable mind to a piercing analysis of all utterances embarrassable to the man after whom the Agricultural College was named, that is to say: I saw it in an old newspaper.

Some of you may take heart from the fact that an Agricultural College “academic” can actually read, and that, therefore, the College is clearly fulfilling it’s function. But the pitfalls of reading are numerous, including the possibility of having one’s illusions shattered; as in discovering the racist and hateful speech of the Labour Party’s founders. ?

In 1920 the Immigration Bill was before parliament and reforms were being discussed, specifically; the removal of the Poll Tax which had been applied to Chinese immigrants intended, as it was, to dissuade them from entering this country. Labour Party leader Harry Holland came up with a cunning plan to circumvent the curtailment of the tax and make it even harder for the harmless, hard-working and humble Chinese to land on these shores: they would have to be proficient, to School Certificate level, in both English and Arithmetic if they were to be allowed allowed to stay, a test of skills a huge percentage of British immigrants would have flunked at the time.

Jumping to his feet in support of his leader was one of his racist minions, whose only criticism was that his boss’s inventive approach wouldn’t limit numbers enough: “Mr. M. J. Savage (Auckland West) renewed the attempt of t he Labour members to have a definite limit put upon the number of Asiatics who might be allowed to enter New Zealand in any year. He moved to insert in the clause empowering the Minister to grant or refuse a permit, a provision that the number of Asiatics admitted in any year should not be more than 110. He said that the proposal made by Mr. Holland had been bound up with the question of the poll tax. Here was the plain issue of limitation.”

So, there you have it; “the plain issue of limitation.” Bought to you by The New Zealand Labour Party, Party to Racists for One-Hundred years. Phil Twyford will be proud.

By the way, there was one man with the moral decency and fortitude to oppose the racist proposals: “he said that he would ask the House to reject the amendment, because it clearlv meant total exclusion of Asiatics. Not one Chinaman in thousands could pass the suggested test, and probably it was the same with the Indians.”

That man was clearly a thoughtful and just man, he should be remembered somehow…he had been a man of the land, a farm worker originally, and wouldn’t want anything too flash, but surely he wouldn’t object to having an Agricultural College named in his remembrance?

His name was William Massey.