The “Peace flotilla” is now one boat, and you and I are paying her wages


Writes Isherman

I do hope Marama Davidson has enjoyed her little jaunt out in the Mediterranean, which is about to conclude shortly, when the (now lone) vessel she is on, the Zaytouna is intercepted by the Israeli Navy.

The flotilla has been reduced to one single sad and pathetic yacht, after the second boat developed engine trouble, meaning the original group of 30 Hamas huggers has been reduced to 13, Marama being one of them.

The vessel is now 2-3 days out from Gaza, which it wont get to, rather it will will be towed to Ashdod, where the trouble makers aboard will be deported after signing a declaration that will prevent them returning.

I hope we get footage of Marama in handcuffs, just to see the outrage from Catherine Delahunty who is a big fan of this excursion, and as an aside, apparently not a fan at all of our Education Minister representing NZ at a funeral for a head of state.

What a monumental waste of time and taxpayers money on mere tokenism. ?It’s all completely misguided and actually intellectually dishonest.

This woman was inserted into our parliament when Russel Norman skipped to a bigger trough at Greenpeace, and hasn’t achieved anything of note.

After this, she will not have achieved anything of note.

It is list MPs like her that make people feel very strongly that MMP is broken.