The sell out of the FBI

Yesterday we blogged about the concerning details about the FBI and donors associated with Hillary Clinton.

Now, news is breaking in the US about the activities of FBI Director?James Comey’s actions in ceasing FBI investigation into Hillary Clinton’s email server.

As evidence mounts that the Director of the FBI subverted justice, damaged the reputation of the Bureau and squandered the support of his agents, calls for his resignation will surely escalate.

Can there be any confidence in his future judgments and decisions, as long as he continues to preside over the once-venerated Federal Bureau of Investigation?

That is the plight James Comey now faces in light of the exclusive story published by in which a person closely involved in the investigation of Hillary Clinton?s emails revealed that career FBI agents and attorneys who dedicated themselves to the year-long probe unanimously?believed she should have been criminally charged.

That’s not what Comey said at his press conference. He stated that??no reasonable prosecutor would bring this case,?.

More than 100 agents and analysts were assigned to the case.? They all thought Clinton committed crimes.? And maybe Comey believed it, too.? But he chose to ignore both the evidence and the law. It is sad and confounding and infuriating, all at the same time.

A second source, a high-ranking FBI official, confirmed the crux of his colleague?s stunning revelation.? He said that while it may not have been a unanimous belief, the vast?majority felt Clinton should be prosecuted.? Stripping her of her security clearance was unanimous, he explained.

Unanimously…stripped of her security clearance, charged and prosecuted. Who got to Comey?

But none of that appears to have mattered to Comey.? He didn?t care what his lawyers told him.? It didn?t matter that his skilled agents painstakingly uncovered overwhelming evidence that Clinton mishandled classified documents in clear violation of federal statutes.

In my column on July 5th, the day Comey announced he would not recommend to the Attorney General that Clinton be criminally prosecuted, I argued that Comey?s decision made no legal sense.? I recited the language of the relevant statute? and compared it to Comey?s own words describing Clinton?s conduct.? They were nearly identical.

I wrote then how Comey exhibited an astonishing ignorance of the law.? He laid out a case of gross negligence constituting a crime, defined it with the words ?extremely careless? and then promptly proceeded to ignore the law.

This is going to cost people their jobs. It should cost Hillary Clinton her presidency. Will the mainstream media wake up and start telling the truth?

How long is it before the mainstream media smell the blood in the water over Hillary?

Because we all know that they are self-serving arseholes.

It will become a case of who gets to break the story first,?who leads. Their “you heard it here first” is far more important to them than “we might not get fair treatment from a Clinton administration”.

The point when this turns is when supporting her becomes too embarrassing, even for them. I see this time and time again with Andrew Little. The Media party talk him up and turn a blind eye until he makes such a stuff up, they can’t spin it and they go nasty on his ass.

The question is how long before that happens to Hillary?

The problem is, the media have fucked themselves by hitching themselves to her wagon, that article that talks about how Comey has fucked the FBI’s reputation is bang on.

The media have attributed as much damage to themselves.


-Fox News