Theresa May should tell the porridge wogs to piss off

They are a pack of broken arsed useless bastards who can?t afford their own country without pommy subsidies and are now trying to relitigate their failed referendum.

Nicola Sturgeon warned that she was prepared to stage a second Scottish independence referendum before the UK quits the European Union as she attacked the Tories for their ?xenophobic? rhetoric on the EU.

In a clear challenge to Theresa May?s government in London, the first minister told the Scottish National party conference in Glasgow she would unveil draft legislation next week to prepare for a rerun of the 2014 referendum within the next two years.

Sturgeon said the UK government?s recent rhetoric on capping immigration and on quitting the EU single market made it clear that the Tory party had been taken over by its ?rampant and xenophobic? right wing. To applause from delegates, Sturgeon singled out the prime minister and declared: ?Hear this: if you think for one single second that I?m not serious about doing what it takes to protect Scotland?s interests, then think again.?

Her official spokesman cautioned that this was designed to give the Scottish government the full range of options. Sturgeon had a dual-track strategy and her immediate goal was to get the strongest powers possible for Holyrood in the Brexit deal.

Sturgeon said a decision on triggering a second referendum was dependent on the strength of the new powers that would pass to Holyrood after Brexit, including powers that the Tories are unlikely to offer, on allowing separate policies on immigration and foreign affairs. ?

?It?s clear that beyond hardline rhetoric, the UK government has no detailed plan. So the Scottish government will set out a plan for Scotland,? she said. ?It will require substantial additional powers for the Scottish parliament.?

But Sturgeon simultaneously stepped up her anti-Brexit rhetoric by confirming that the SNP at Westminster would work with other opposition parties and pro-EU Tory MPs to vote against the government bill to enable Brexit to take place, regardless of how significant Holyrood?s new powers became.

A UK government source said that strategy was ?bizarre? because the Brexit bill was designed to protect Holyrood?s existing powers by embedding all existing EU legislation into UK law. It may also weaken Sturgeon?s hand in future Brexit talks: negotiations are due to start in late October, when the prime minister meets Sturgeon and the leaders of the Welsh and Northern Irish governments to agree on joint plans to prepare for Brexit.

?There are serious contradictions? in Sturgeon?s two-pronged strategy, the Cabinet source said. It was also premature to threaten a second vote: the UK would be seeking a unique deal with the EU which could meet many of Sturgeon?s conditions, he said.

But Sturgeon?s advisers say that speeding up the referendum bill process highlights an increasingly significant political divide between the Scottish and UK governments, showing Sturgeon?s increasing confidence that the Tory shift to a harder line on Brexit has strengthened her hand.

Let them go. Turn off the welfare and see how they get on.

It would also guarantee Tory government forever more without the drain of Scottish socialists.


-THe Guardian