They are off on a Racism hunt


Thanks to Susan Devoy’s website, ?looking for racism and stirring up hostility between New Zealanders has become de rigueur.?It has even inspired a New Zealand Herald journalist to write a piece entitled “Are New Zealanders becoming more racist?”

It is just like with “Islamophobia” where any criticism of the ideology is automatically labeled racist, bigoted and hateful. The theme?seems to be that any criticism of immigration is rooted in racism, bigotry, and hate. There is no acknowledgment that there are legitimate and reasonable arguments about immigration that are based on facts and have nothing to do with an immigrant’s race.

Racism is dislike or hatred based on a belief that a person is inferior or of less value than another race. If I envy you or are jealous of your success that is envy and jealousy, not racism. I envy you because of what you have that I don’t. I don’t envy you because I think that you are inferior to me because of your race. Equally, distrusting a person because their values and beliefs are incompatible with your own is not racism as it is the values and beliefs that make you distrustful not the colour of their skin. If I know that you belong to group that supports killing cats for sport and I am a cat lover it is going to influence how I view you but that has nothing to do with Racism.

Just how racist are we? It’s a question New Zealanders don’t like to discuss but a new website is changing that.

That’s Us was launched last month. Produced by The Human Rights Commission, it includes accounts of everyday casual racism.

…A dozen years ago the Orewa speech about “special treatment” for Maori produced a Herald-Digipoll surge for National from 24 per cent to 45 per cent.

Academic studies tell us we like multiculturalism but we want immigrants to do all the adapting. And we aren’t so keen on the practical stuff such as providing policy and resources to support diversity.

Expecting immigrants to assimilate and integrate is not racist. Until relatively recently expecting assimilation and integration was considered a reasonable and normal expectation. My Lebanese grandparents assimilated and integrated and all of their children married a person from a different race and culture. They did not attempt to stay Lebanese. They came to New Zealand because they wanted their children to be New Zealanders. They wanted their children to enjoy the freedoms and opportunities of their new country. They did not teach their children Arabic because they wanted them to be New Zealanders. My Grandfather even chose a European name for himself to help him fit in.When we bring in immigrants who do not want to integrate and we support them in their desire to set themselves as apart from us we are committing cultural suicide.

…There is quite high support for aspects of Maori culture, such as teaching te reo in schools and singing the anthem in both languages, but much less for Treaty reparations.

“People tend to be more supportive of things that are not going to cost them anything.”

So in other words, it has NOTHING to do with Racism and Bigotry and EVERYTHING to do with money.

He has been looking at our attitudes to race relations as part of a longitudinal study he oversees at the University of Auckland’s school of psychology; the New Zealand Attitudes and Values Study.

Findings from the study, now in its seventh year, indicate Muslim and Asian New Zealanders experience higher levels of prejudice than any other group.

“When you look at prejudice toward Asian New Zealanders it tends to be predicted by perceiving competition and when you look towards Muslims New Zealanders it tends to be predicted by perceiving a threat.”

Feeling threatened by people because they are working harder than you and are getting all the academic awards at your local high school is not racism it is envy and jealousy. It is tall poppy syndrome. Academics and media are trigger happy when labelling things racism. Am I racist when I bitch about the woman at work who is getting paid more than me and got promoted because she went the extra mile? If she was Pakeha people would say I was bitter and jealous and envious but if she is Chinese they are likely?to label my bitching racism.

Feeling threatened by people because they follow the same ideology that terrorists and oppressive countries like Saudi Arabia follow is not racism it is fact based fear. I avoid Gang members for the same reason. They may be perfectly lovely family men but they have chosen to belong to a group that I associate with rape and violence and crime so I have every right to view a gang member with distrust. My distrust is fact based. It has nothing to do with race. Not all Gang members are a threat to us but why would a sensible person take the risk? Gang members have values that are alien to me and Islam’s values are not compatible with mine. It is not racism that makes me cautious around Muslims it is the vast gulf between us in terms of beliefs and values.

But it’s not all grim. “We are seeing, across a range of measures, quite an optimistic message for tolerance and group relations.”

The data, from a pool of about 18,000 people, is a year behind so may not yet show whether the rise of conservatism and anti-immigration sentiment in the UK and the US has had an effect here.

I hate it when they link conservatism and anti-immigration sentiment to racism. It is the same smear used by the Hillary campaign in America against Trump.

Sibley’s team have found that attitudes to Asian people are becoming more positive. They also confirmed that Maori people who “look Maori” have a tougher time securing a mortgage.

This is a very subjective way to measure racism. It sounds like anecdotal evidence, not fact based evidence. Who decides what a Maori looks like and how can they hold their looks accountable for whether or not they got a mortgage? Unless they can show us two identical applications numbers wise where the only difference is the skin colour this does not sound at all fact based or scientific.

…Victoria University’s Centre for Applied Cross-Cultural Research found that though New Zealand has come a long way in accepting diversity and cultural difference the changes were largely only in theory. The country may have “symbolic biculturalism” while Pakeha New Zealanders were still, to some extent, unwilling to redistribute their resources.

What? Stop the bus. Are we being labelled racist for not wanting to give our money away like good little socialists? Who are these people that get to make up all these new definitions of racism?It seems clear that only Socialists are considered non-racist because of their patronising desire to treat non-white races as “inferior” and in need of special help. Oh, wait…. isn’t that…racist?

…Details of racial aspects to crimes are not recorded. Raw data from 1996 to 2014 for a group of offences under the heading of “vilify or incite hatred on racial, cultural, religious or ethnic grounds” show few complaints are made

…The country has done tolerably well, Race Relations Commissioner Susan Devoy tells the Herald. But we still have qualified immigrants who change their names in the hope they will get a job interview.

And look at the housing issue. “The bloody Chinese! We tend to blame migrants for just about everything.”

Nope, that’s just the Labour party.

About 400 people each year make formal complaints to Devoy’s office about racism they’ve faced.

…”Each time there is an international event, a terrorist attack, we know that the level of racial abuse towards Muslims increases tenfold. It’s driving past the bus stop and someone yelling out ‘terrorist’ or ‘go home!’.”

Islamic Women’s Council New Zealand Assistant National Co-ordinator Aliya Danzeisen says the council is encouraging Muslim women to report incidents of abuse to the police. In an informal survey of over 100 Muslim women aged 12 to 26 last December, 80 per cent said they had been “harassed or discriminated against within the last year”, she says.

The young women reported that the abuse and discrimination was occurring not just on the streets but within the schools they attended, and some of it came from the teachers.

Devoy says the aim of the That’s Us campaign is to prompt a conversation. “It’s an awkward conversation [but] we need to talk about the behaviour.

…Devoy says New Zealanders should be proud of our Treaty and that a truth and reconciliation process occurred, even though there was a long way to go. The likes of Brash’s group set race relations back years and years, she says.

“I’m gearing up for next year, election year, because I’m sure the race card will be pulled out.”

Ms Devoy is right that immigration will be a hot topic in the upcoming election but I strongly disagree that criticism of immigration policy equals racism.

Her concern is that it resonates with so many. “That’s why the That’s Us campaign is not just people sharing their stories, but their visions of the sort of country they want their children to live in. What are our Kiwi values? Are we inclusive, do we give people a fair go?”

I can tell Susan one thing for free. Our Kiwi values are not Islamic values and anyone of any colour who holds Islamic values will be treated with caution by me. Islamic values are anti-democracy, anti women’s and children’s rights and anti-gay and anti-Jew. Islam is intolerant of other religions and belief systems. Why would I ever want to tolerate values like those? That is not racism it is common sense.

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