This is why we have a crime problem, judges practice catch and release on our criminals

Fairfax ran a story on the weekend about the effects of drugs on society with the main thrust being the hurt that drug addiction causes.

But in the middle of all the tears and angst were these little nuggets of information.

The summary of facts for the offending outlined?how unstuck Joshua?Morton’s life became.

On January 1, the defendant was at Waitara’s?Marine Park when he saw the victim?in a parked car. He walked up to the victim and?punched him in the head through the half open window.

As the victim tried to get out of the car, the defendant kicked at the door repeatedly ?and then launched more punches, causing the window to smash. Joshua?Morton then presented a set of?nunchuks (two?small?metal bars joined by a chain)?and used them to smash the windscreen and punch the victim’s head.?The victim was left with a split nose and a facial cut, a sore jaw and abrasions to his back.

Later the same month, Joshua?Morton smashed his way into his parents’ Waitara home, stole his?father’s ute?and left. ?After the matter was reported to the police, the defendant was spotted on Cracroft St.

After activating the red and blue lights, police did get Joshua Morton to stop and get out of the car. ?However, he got back into the ute and drove off at speed. He was arrested a short time later. ?

On April 11, Joshua Morton was at his parents’ address when he got into an argument with his?father. ?Fearing for his safety, his father left the house but as he did so,?the defendant threw a pot plant at the car, causing minor damage.

After his father left, Joshua Morton went into the house and forced open a?locked firearm safe. ?He stole seven weapons, including shotguns and rifles, along with some .22 ammunition.?He stashed the guns away nearby and waited for?an associate to pick him up.

The guns, valued at $8000, have never been recovered.

The defendant?previously pleaded guilty to charges of assault with a?blunt instrument, wilful damage, unlawfully takes a motor?vehicle, failing to stop and burglary.

Got all that.

This scumbag committed a serious assault, other assaults, burglary, car theft, stole seven firearms (none of which were?recovered). Guess what his penalty was?

Judge Lynne Harrison said the restorative justice report?documented the?impact Joshua Morton’s?offending had on his loved ones.

“I can see that this has?torn your family apart,” she said.

But she added the love and support the defendant had received?from his family?was “palpable.”

“Your family has offered you forgiveness and they have offered ongoing support for you,” Harrison said.

Joshua Morton was sentenced to nine months’ home detention and ordered to complete 140 hours of community work.?He was ordered to pay $2500 towards the reparation for the stolen firearms.

He was also placed on judicial monitoring, where a report will be provided to the judge every three months?regarding his?commitment?and compliance to his sentence.

A slap on the wrist with a wet bus ticket is what he got.

Where are the guns? Why hasn’t that been followed up? This is how criminals get guns. Not through a “loophole”, not through subterfuge at a gun store. They get them through violence and robbery. No law can stop that, and toughening the laws only affects law-abiding people.

What is most ridiculous is that a violent thug living a thug life got home detention. He should have received a good long stretch in a prison.

This case explains everything we need to know about what is wrong with our criminal justice system. But the media does a ‘cry me a river’?expose on the poor boy and blames drugs for his issues.

It is actually a catch and release system.


– Fairfax