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In 2012, a blind woman wrote a book on a notepad with rubber bands wrapped around to indicate lines. Her son read chapters back to her for edits then sent them to typesetters. Once, she gave her son 26 blank pages because the pen lost ink and police helped recover it in a five-month effort.?(Source) ?


The reason Han Solo was frozen in carbonite in Empire is because George Lucas wasn’t sure if Harrison Ford would come back for the next film. (Source)


There is a psychological phenomenon called the Backfire Effect. Essentially, the more you try to convince someone they are wrong using facts and figures, the more convinced they become that their preexisting beliefs are correct. (Source) (locally this may be called the Colin Effect)


Domino’s Sold as Many Pizzas during OJ Simpson’s Car Chase as it did on Superbowl Sunday?(Source)


In China some parking lots have spaces reserved for female parking. These spaces are wider and make parking easier and reduces accidents (Source)


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