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Norway actually introduced Salmon Sushi to Japan (Source)


King Edward I built the largest trebuchet ever in order to lay siege to a Scottish Castle. The sight of the giant trebuchet so intimidated the Scots that they tried to surrender, but Edward sent them back so he could use his new weapon to launch 300 lb projectiles at the castle.?(Source)


Oscar the Cat who predicted when people in his nursing home were about to die with such accuracy that staff would call relatives.?(Source)


Sean Connery turned down roles in ?The Matrix? and ?Lord of the Rings? because he didn?t understand the script. He would later accept ?The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen” despite not understanding the project. He hasn’t acted since.?(Source)


In 1856, Abraham Lincoln gave a speech that was so engaging, captivating, and impassioned, that the reporters completely forgot to take notes of what was being said. To this day, no one truly knows the content of ‘Lincoln’s Lost Speech.’?(Source)


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