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The birth certificate was invented as a way to verify people?s ages in order to enforce new child labour restrictions (Source)


Hitting objects with your penis (flacid, half erect) in The Netherlands has it’s own word. Swaffelen. (Swaffeling)?(Source)


An Owl’s eyes are so well developed, they are not eye balls but elongated tubes. It is for this reason they cannot roll or move their eyes and can only look straight ahead (which is why they have adapted an extraordinary range of movement in their neck).?(Source)


Underneath Beijing there is a city spanning 33 square miles called Dixia Cheng. It was built in the 1970’s due to rising tensions between China and the Soviet Union.?(Source)


The United States unintentionally landed a probe on Venus. One of the four atmosphere probes of the Pioneer Venus Multiprobe mission made it to the surface intact and transmitted information for over an hour. (Source)


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