Told ya, Begging is a lifestyle choice


There is absolutely no need to be begging on the streets in NZ. We have a gold plated welfare system and plenty of well-meaning aid agencies.

It has always been my firm belief that begging is a lifestyle choice and a survey in Hamilton tends to support that.

A weekend police survey in Hamilton discovered only two beggars were actually homeless and the others were bringing props and even dogs to help them appear poor.

The survey found only two of the 15 beggars were homeless.

The remaining 13 had brought duvet covers, cardboard signs and even sickly looking pets to give the impression they were living on the streets.

The city’s business community has called for change after beggars have been harassing or intimidating residents, according to TVNZ. ?

The general manager of Hamilton Central Business Association Sandy Turner said a new campaign was aimed at helping the homeless while it was only a “moderate” problem.

“People feel intimidated if they see people that look vulnerable on the streets or perhaps even a little bit scary or uncomfortable on the streets,” she told One News.

“We don’t want to get to the point that Auckland has got to where you’re literally stepping over people in the street.”

The campaign will roll out posters and information around the city with information telling residents giving to beggars may not be helping.

The campaign aims to educate public “about the challenges with giving money and the best ways to support people to get the appropriate help”.

The simple test to use is to offer to buy them a sandwich. If they tell you they’d rather have money, then they are fake.

Most beggars are simply faking it, and panhandling while also likely on a benefit.

What is perhaps more interesting is the the NZ Herald ran this story on Monday…but linked to a Daily Mail Story…it was word for word. So, our NZ media can’t even write stories about our own cities without cut/pasting it from British tabloids!


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