Trump exhibited that He who fails to prepare, prepares to fail

Gallup have done some polling around the Hillary/Trump presidential debate, and it has quantified what most of us have picked up instinctively.


[Clinton’s] confidence in detailing one policy plan after another likely contributed to viewer perceptions that she had a good command of the issues and was more “presidential.” And her 36- and 32-point leads, respectively, over Trump on these qualities mirror her 34-point lead in overall perceptions of who did the better job in the debate. The telltale sign that Trump came up short is that barely half of Republicans believe he won, compared with almost all Democrats believing Clinton won.


Debate performances do not always line up with election outcomes, and a poor showing in the initial debate doesn’t mean a candidate can’t come back and win the next one. Obama’s recovery after losing badly in the first 2012 debate best illustrates this. George W. Bush even won the presidency in 2004 without winning any of that year’s debates, although he at least improved his showing in the final two. Hillary Clinton’s reportedly meticulous preparation won her the first round, and the stakes are now raised for Trump in rounds two and three.

Trump needs to bring a different game. ?But then as we’ve seen, the next debate is on “Town hall” style, which is a format shift that doesn’t allow us to predict how Trump will adjust. ?Clinton is very schooled in facing a crowd, whereas Trump just speaks at them.