TVNZ and Andrea Vance go all in for disgusting spitting criminals

Andrea Vance had a piece on 1News last night about Police use of spit hoods. They are designed to stop scumbag criminals from spitting at Police.

One commenter noted:

Vance is exercising the usual array of crim hugging HR Muppet’s over the police use of spit hoods on the disgusting mongrels they have to deal with. I say those who are bleating about mongrel’s rights on this should do a bit of walking in the moccasins to see if they enjoy being covered in saliva contaminated with god knows what and waiting on tenterhooks for test results to see if they have contracted a fatal disease. Whilst Vance has the opportunity, she should blag a spit hood from police stores and present it to Goff in case he feels that way inclined again.

Another joined in:

Personally I’d withdraw the spit hoods to appease the bleeding hearts and quietly replace them with duct tape, preferably the kind that leaves a residue, so the mongrels have a reminder of their bad behaviour when whichever substance they have abused wears off.

I should have thought a tap on the head with a billy club or a shot-filled sap would have been far more effective. They certainly wouldn’t be spitting after a tap like that.

Alternatively, the Taser could be more effective.

Once again, though, we see proof positive that the Media party side with the criminal classes. If the scumbags don’t want a spit hood on then all they have to do is not spit at cops. Simple really, but obviously still too difficult for ex-News of the World hacks to grasp.