Twitter account shut down for exposing Academics poor work to ridicule

The twitter account that was shut down for peer reviewing other Academics work has been replaced with this twitter account which seems to be continuing on the work done by the first account.Social Justice Bullies declared ?war on the original twitter account when they realised that an anonymous colleague was exposing their research to ridicule.

A popular Twitter account that highlighted ridiculous academic papers from the social sciences and humanities ? some taxpayer-funded ? was abruptly deleted recently apparently because critics threatened to expose the name of the anonymous tweeter, who feared career-ending retaliation from campus colleagues.

The threats against @Real_PeerReview are?telling about the state of soft academia. The tweeter?s primary activity was simply publishing links to abstracts and highlighting one or two sentences from their summaries. If the scholars believed their work had value, they would presumably appreciate wide distribution.

Here are 3 examples of the 13 academic papers exposed [email protected]_PeerReview:

1. A poetic mycology of the senses: four poems on mushrooms

2. Taxi Cab Publics and the Production of Brown Space after 9/11

3. Picturizing the scattered ontologies of Alzheimer?s disease: Towards a materialist feminist approach to visual technoscience studies

The account gained 10,000 followers in only four months by highlighting ?research? papers based on low levels of academic rigor. Some were ?autoethnographic,? meaning the author simply recounted how they felt when experiencing something. Other papers had tiny sample sizes with authors speaking only to a few friends ? hardly a representative sample.

Low academic standards seemed to be especially accepted in the fields of ?critical race theory? and feminism, making it prime fodder for tweeting, while prompting ?social justice warrior??types to?target the tweeter.