Two wives, beat one. And this happened in New Zealand

Guest post

An Auckland man beat his wife with a hammer for not holding his hand while watching a movie. ?His other wife was unharmed.

  • Two wives, beat one. He apologised at restorative justice conference.
  • They then attend religious counselling at a local Mosque; she apologises and says she gave a false statement to police.
  • Judge lets him off because of immigration concerns.
  • Thankfully this was overturned at high court.

So our court system has checks and balances – in this case, a high court could correct the wrong made by a lower judge. We know the judge was wrong and that was laboured by the NZ Herald Media Party Activist/journalist.

What Jared Savage unsurprisingly failed to question in his article was what the “religious counselling” consisted of something?that caused a beaten wife to?subsequently apologise for telling the Police.?

Which mosque was it, who was conducting the “counselling”, and what are the possible repercussions for the cleric for arguably making a worst ‘mistake’ than Judge Cunningham?

It is sobering to realise that alongside organisations like Women’s Refuge and Shine, which offer support for domestic abuse victims, there are two organisations specifically for Muslim women – Shakti and Fatimah.

We hear a lot about Maori and Pacific Island incidents of domestic violence. There were 300,000 Maori and Pacific Islanders in the 2013 census and 46,000 Muslims.

There might be some overlap, of course, but to think that there are two organisations specifically set up to help 1.1% of the population should be reason to ask some questions.

What does our Human Rights Commission think of this case and the state of domestic violence among Muslim families in New Zealand?

The media subsequently gave?him an opportunity to say that he shouldn’t be put away for hitting his wife with a hammer because it would be hard on the whole family.

The wife, like a battered woman, is now saying how wonderful he is and that (contrary to evidence) she wasn’t hit with a hammer.

Is this tolerance? ?Is this what we want? ?Is this integration? ?Is this the New Zealand you want to see more of?