Understand the left-wing positions on immigration

It is nigh on impossible to understand the left-wing’s stance that all immigration is good immigration, and opposing immigration is racist. That seems to be their default position. Nevermind issues about protecting our own lifestyle or finding immigrants who are compatible with our unique culture…the default position seems to be the more the merrier…except of course, it is a direct influencer of the problems we now have with housing.

But can we really understand their thinking?

It is probably best to ask a left-winger…fortunately Danyl has provided us with his insights.

A few months ago I was discussing?politics with a chemist who supported National. He liked the fact that John Key changed his mind about things. ?Half of what I learned about science as an undergraduate has been proved wrong,? he said. ?I?ve had to change my mind and keep changing my mind my whole career. That?s what intelligent people do.?

I?think Key?s tendency to blow with the wind has more to do with political expediency than intellectual?honesty, and I said so. But I agree that the ability to change your mind is an important trait, and since then I?ve been trying to think of recent instances in which I?ve changed my mind on political issues, and I couldn?t really think of any, which worried me a bit. ?

But the whole Brexit debate did make me wonder why I supported a high level of immigration. The standard left-wing take on this is that immigration is a good thing, because it is, and anyone who disagrees is a racist and a xenophobe. Now, there are also economic arguments for immigration: it boosts GDP, it keeps the Labour market competitive, it is (possibly) an antidote to an ageing population with low birthrates and high superannuation liabilities. But none of them are very left-wing, or progressive, and some of them are notions the left should probably oppose. If there?s a coherent left-wing argument for high immigration ? other than claiming that anyone opposing it is evil ? then I haven?t heard it. It seems more coherent ? to me ? for an environmental party to argue for levels of immigration that are sustainable. And, if voters feel that high migration is causing problems ? house prices, high demand on schools and infrastructure, etc ? I feel like the left needs a more robust answer than ?Shut up and stop being racist.? If that?s all we?ve got then maybe we?re just wrong?

There you go, clear as mud. Even Danyl doesn’t get it.

Which is why Winston Peters and John Key are sky high in the?polls and Labour and the Greens, not so much.

Nice of him to admit that changing one’s mind is ok. The left-wing likes to hold people to what they said and did 30 years ago.


– Dimpost