UNICEF pimps a report so they can bludge more cash from Kiwis

UNICEF are pimping a report into child poverty that claims more kids than ever before are living below some arbitrary poverty line.

A poverty line that would have three-quarters of the third world gagging at such largesse.

UNICEF says it’s time the Government did something to help lift M?ori and Pasifika children out of poverty, even if it means targeting them because of their race.

About 300,000 Kiwi kids live below the poverty line according to UNICEF. The UN Committee on the Rights of the Child on Saturday slammed New Zealand’s ongoing failure to fix the problem.

UNICEF New Zealand executive director Vivien Maidaborn told The Nation on Sunday the Government’s doing a lot, but the outcomes “don’t stack up” because they aren’t addressing the wider causes of poverty.

“Specific initiatives for children will only ever go so far. It needs to be connected to housing policy, employment policy, economic development.”

The UN report said affirmative action should be taken “if necessary”, and even singled out M?ori and Pasifika children, as well as “ethnic minorities, refugee children, migrant children, children with disabilities, lesbian, bisexual, gay, transgender and intersex children and children living with persons from these groups”. ?

Ms Maidaborn says it’s time to end the debate on whether this would mean race-based privilege.

“I think there is race-based privilege in New Zealand – it’s very clear that a European child in New Zealand will have better life outcomes than M?ori, including life expectancy as an adult.

“I think that we just have to accept there is race-based privilege, but it certainly isn’t on the side of M?ori and Pasifika young people. With that in mind, we need to focus on outcomes – and that’s what equity is about.

“Right now in our country we keep going over and over the debate about whether we ought to treat different groups differently. It just seems to me if we focus on outcomes, that becomes a much easier decision.”

The number of Kiwi children in poverty according to UNICEF has grown 30,000 since 2013. Since then, the Government has increased benefits, made doctor’s visits for under-13s free and launched the Ministry for Vulnerable Children.

“I do think that they believe their investment in benefits – which was remarkable and should be acknowledged – is all they have to do,” says Ms Maidaborn. “They’re just more interested in activity than outcomes at this stage.”

Why do you think UNICEF is producing this report now?

Well, because they’re a registered charity and it coincides with a big push for donations for them.

But here is their problem as I see it. They are a registered charity and now they are engaging in political discourse. I think there is a really good case to remove their charity status now. Especially because their claims of a poverty line are laughable.

Even more so when you look at their unbelievable request to create second class citizens. Under this policy, a white or Asian poor kid is now a second class citizen and less likely to receive government assistance than brown kids, immigrant kids, as well as the kids of pooftahs. It seems UNICEF wants policies based on race and the sexual preferences of the parents.

The kids UNICEF claims are living in poverty would be living like Kings in any third world country in the world. UNICEF can go and get fucked.


– Newshub