Vegan snowflake gets upset at seeing where meat comes from

Only from Facebook:

How did she get to New Zealand?

Did she fly first class?

Or cattle class?

Did someone try to eat her when she arrived at her destination? ?

Clint Heine commented on the video:

Vegans have an agenda against NZ because it’s agricultural based and that upsets them. Bugger any facts, it’s pure nonsense. Poor snowflake.

She is a snowflake. I would have said cupcake but she’s a vegan and they have butter in them.

I wonder, though…how does she think lamb cutlets at the supermarket get on those cute little trays?


As another commenter said…I can’t remember the last time I said ‘Damn, that was a good salad’.

It turns out she’s a travel blogger?sponsored by Vegan Travel.

Why travel somewhere people eat meat?

Perhaps they are the ones that need to be given the serve, not our country and our products. How stupid are they?

Sponsoring a poor vegan snowflake to a country whose primary industry is the production of animal products? Nice one.

Now watch the MSM spin this up a storm.


– Facebook