Want to know why media won’t report the Wikileaks email releases?

Do you want to know why the media won’t report the Wikileaks email releases?

Because the media are actually Hillary Clinton’s bitches.

Truth Revolt reports:

Wikileaks, through its release of Clinton Campaign chairman John Podesta’s emails,?has provided a trove of information and irrefutable proof of just how deeply corrupt America’s power centers are.

From the Department of Justice to the FBI to the White House and State Department to the one institution meant to be the?watchdog of them all — the media — America’s most sacred?institutions have fallen from grace, proving to be nothing more than lackeys?beholden to the Clinton machine.

As Wikileaks releases tens of thousands of documents worthy of scrutiny, our media remain silent — and they do so because they are implicated in the worst aspects of the corruption.

In email #5636 to John Podesta from Mary Pat Bonner –?a powerful “donor adviser” of Clinton?–?and accompanying documents attached, we learned that the Hillary Clinton campaign has been working with no less than 372 news?makers to shape an anti-Trump narrative across all mainstream media.

Through the email?attachments, the pro-Hillary SuperPAC, Correct the Record (CTR)?”has identified 372 surrogates including influential and frequent pundits on broadcast and cable news for Presidential 2016 politics and provided them around 80 sets of talking points.” ?

What, exactly, those talking points are all about is made clear on CTR’s own website. While CTR states that its mission is to amplify?Hillary Clinton’s “accomplishments,” the PAC is instead?exclusively?dedicated to?smearing Trump and peddling narratives like the one about?Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin being?bosom buddies (never mind the fact that there is no proof Russia is behind the “hacked” Podesta?emails, nor is there proof that the Podesta emails were even hacked at all).?The featured image on this post comes directly from CTR’s own website, in fact.

Now recall that?whenever a Clinton surrogate is interviewed?any of the mainstream networks about the Wikileaks revelations, the very first?set of talking points they resort to is:?”Russia is interfering in our elections to help elect Trump.”

With this in mind, consider the?email?attachments titled “CTR” in the email linked to below. It provides documentation about how?hundreds media members are using?pro-Hillary talking points. Those documents can be accessed here. Under the subheading “ACTIVITIES”?CTR describes?the extent of the media’s collusion with camp Clinton:

MEDIA RELATIONS: Correct The Record staff members have conducted over 900 on-the-record and off-the-record media interviews, including over 150 since CTR became independent of AB, to correct facts in stories going to print or on air, to counter-punch and balance Republican attacks on Clinton, and to kill negative stories before they are even published.

IMPACTING THE DIALOGUE: CTR has identified 372 surrogates including influential and frequent pundits on broadcast and cable news for Presidential 2016 politics and provided them around 80 sets of talking points, background materials and briefings on topical issues to defend and accurately portray Clinton and her record since the split, more than 400 in total.

Correct The Record hosted 8 media training sessions in New Hampshire, Nevada, Ohio, Colorado, Minnesota, Michigan, DC, and at the DNC meeting, attended by nearly 150 surrogates since the split. In total, CTR has held 16 training sessions in California, New Hampshire, Iowa, Nevada, and South Carolina. To better prepare themselves to defend and promote Hillary Clinton, over 200 surrogates have attended these trainings.

Correct The Record also distributes media advisories to 960 members of the national media and 10,756 regional reporters in 28 states including Wisconsin, Florida, South Carolina, Kentucky, Iowa, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, Colorado, California, Virginia, North Carolina, and Ohio. Talking points and memos are also distributed regularly to 369 televisions producers and bookers.

That is an astounding reach — one that surpasses what we already?knew about the media’s?collusion?with Clinton?to date — and?explains perfectly why we are not seeing Wikileaks revelations covered in mainstream media.

For reference, Mary Pat?Bonner’s firm, The Bonner Group, is deeply invested in the?left-wing?machine, raising tens of millions for progressive groups for which she receives a hefty cut. She is also?linked to?progressive?operative?David Brock (who is featured in the seating chart listed in the email below).

A New York Times?profile of?so-called “donor advisers” wrote?that “a?constellation?of left-leaning nonprofits and ‘super PACs’?are raising tens of millions of dollars to pave the way for Hillary?Rodham?Clinton?s presidential campaign ? and nearly all of them have paid Mary Pat Bonner a cut.”

The Times goes on to name “American Bridge?21st?Century, Media Matters for America and the super PAC Ready for Hillary, have paid Ms. Bonner?s consulting firm in excess of $6 million to help them cultivate wealthy donors and raise money, according to tax filings and campaign disclosures.”

And the media wonders why no one trusts them.

The media dishonesty in the US is astonishing. Now it is all being revealed. I wonder how long they can sustain their positions before they get taken out in the firestorm engulfing politics and media in the US?

Especially since the FBI has re-opened the investigation into Clinton’s emails.

This is Dirty media writ large…corrupted and sold out to the Democrats and Hillary Clinton.


– Truth Revolt