Water, rubbish and roads? Nope. Wellington mayor will drop house prices

Wellington ratepayers will be so pleased that their new mayor, Justin Lester, wants to drop the value of their houses.

A taskforce to tackle the affordability of housing in Wellington is being set up by new mayor Justin Lester.

It will examine issues including homelessness, social housing, schemes for first-home buyers, the rental market and housing density.

The council is hoping to report its recommendations by April so it can become part of its three-year plan.

Mr Lester said he wanted to make sure housing was affordable for all Wellingtonians. ?

“It’s a multi-faceted approach that incorporates issues around homelessness, around affordable housing, around social housing provisions, and working with community housing providers and developers to make sure construction of houses takes place.”

A record high median sales price of $480,000 was recorded in Wellington last month.

Affordability won’t be helped with chucking money at private companies for their private benefit like the airport extension. Or spending millions on dopey cycleways.

With Wellington’s median sales prices well below those of Auckland I don’t think there is a problem.

Perhaps he could concentrate on sorting out the basics.


– RadioNZ