We don’t need to time travel to see New Zealand’s future we just need to look at Australia

This video shows us New Zealand’s future. One Nation is surging in the polls despite getting nothing but negative coverage from News Media and even though it’s MPs have been consistently disrespected and attacked by the other political parties. Nothing the media or the other political parties say or do affects One Nation’s popularity because the public has had enough. Islamic Immigration has become a major concern to the Australian public and One Nation is the only party prepared to do something about it.

New Zealand will reach that point if nothing is done to control Islamic immigration. We can only hope that one of our existing parties or a new party will be formed to protect us when we get to that point. It is a pity that most people will not look to Australia as a lesson for us so that we can prevent New Zealand from getting to that point. Sadly just as Australia chose not to learn from Europe I fear New Zealand will not learn from Australia’s mistakes.

In the video a political cartoonist is now in legal trouble because of a cartoon that is offensive because it is truthful. The cartoonist Bill Leak is being targeted by the Australian Human rights commission just as our cartoonist BoomSlang was targeted for his fact based?political cartoon this year. We have so much in common with Australia. Free Speech is already under attack in both countries. Cartoons are being criminalised. It is scary stuff.

Watch the video here.