Whaleoil Needs Your Help


The begging kitten is needed again.

Let’s keep this short and sweet. ?We’re low on funds. ?

Our Map of the Day sponsor has moved to other projects. ?The 2 months of sabbatical that Cam took had an average downturn of 15% in traffic, and with it, advertising revenue. ?Then the month that Cam spent in court learning how to argue defamation means he had zero off-blog income. ? Rather coincidentally, our usual donations for the last 3 months have been down as well.

None of that was critical in and of itself, but it has added up to quite a hole now.

We’ve not relied on you good people for our legal costs recently. ?We have eked out your generous donated fighting fund. ?As you will have seen from the Williams v Craig case – proving you didn’t lie is an expensive proposition when someone is determined to make you prove it point by point.

What I’m asking for will pay for groceries. ? Any amount is appreciated, as they all add up. ?This will be our last time this year we put the begging bowl out, so don’t ‘pace yourself’, please.

Bank transfers or deposits can go here

ASB Bank
Social Media Consultants Limited

If you want to use a credit card, use the Donate facility via Paypal.

For blood diamonds, Nazi gold or illegally harvested organs, please contact me for further information.

Please. ?We really need your help.