When will we finally be honest enough to declare a Shit Parenting Crisis?

The NZEI is agitating for the government take action on supposed homelessness.

The NZEI is today backing calls for a national strategy to end homelessness amid mounting evidence that thousands of children who lack a warm safe home are also being denied their right to an education.

It is compulsory to attend school…what is the NZEI going to do about truancy?

The Labour, Green and M?ori Parties today released their report into solutions to homelessness, following a cross-party inquiry which heard from hundreds of submitters.

“The homelessness crisis affecting thousands of New Zealand children is also an educational crisis,” says Jan Tinetti, Principal of Merivale School in Tauranga and NZEI Executive member. ?

“About ten percent of the children in my school are homeless, with more families coming to see me most weeks to say they’re about to lose their home.

“You can just see from looking in their eyes that these children are too tired to learn. Some of them don’t have friends, and won’t even try to make friends because they know they’ll be moving soon.

“Children in deprived communities like ours often start school behind children in more wealthy communities.

“Education should be their ticket out of poverty, but if they’re too tired or sick to learn they fall further and further behind. That’s not just a tragedy for our children its a tragedy for the entire country,” Ms Tinetti says.

The real problem is shit parents.

That is where the crisis is. I mean really, if you have been kicked out of Housing NZ then you are just feral scum. Perhaps we should allow the establishment of squatter camps for these ferals.

There is a crisis in NZ, it is a shit parenting crisis…where feral scumbags are letting their lifestyle choices impact on their children.


– Voxy