Colin Craig is the Bill Clinton of New Zealand politics.

…they have one thing in common that no one could argue with – the thickness of their skin – and they both have wives who are willing to stand by their men, come what may.

Like Clinton before him, Craig’s been put through the public wringer and we were all told what we would have preferred not to hear.

…Who could forget the out-of-place Conservative leader, smirking at the camera, reclining in street wear in the lupines at the beach?

…This man knows no bounds.

…Craig was found to have put his rather large foot in his mouth

…This week the rhinoceros hide now seems to be galloping towards the next election.

The cocky Craig’s not ruled out the possibility of making a comeback

…Bill Clinton would understand but would be about the only one who would

– Newstalk

I can only conclude that media sites are now emboldened because they feel safely hidden behind tough guys Williams, Slater and Stringer. Three ordinary men prepared to do what no one up until now has been prepared to do. They are prepared to call Colin Craig’s?bluff.