Who is running the post-truth politics campaign?

Hamish Coleman-Ross, the loser campaign manager who cost Penny Webster and Calum Penrose their seats is blaming post-truth politics for his loss.

But it seems it is him running the post-truth politics bullshit.

The truth about Council spending, staff numbers and debt is actually quite positive. There?s a reason the organisation has an AA+ credit rating and you would think that would be enough to convince people, but it?s not. Most people?s understanding of Auckland Council comes from the?Herald,which regularly paints a picture of an organisation that?s out of control and gone wild with overspending. It?s not a bad yarn, insomuch as there must be a hero to come slay this grisly beast. Save us all, Goff-man!

What a load of bullshit

  • Staff up by approx 3000 since the super-city started
  • Debt at levels meaning they can?t increase anymore
  • Audit New Zealand hammering Auckland Council over starting projects without funding.

Sounds like it’s Hamish Two-Fathers running a post-truth politics campaign, or he is so stupid he can?t count or read.


-The Spinoff