Winston keeps winning voters over with his immigration stance

JESSICA [MUTCH] Even though you call this tinkering, do you feel somewhat vindicated? This has been something that?s been close to your heart for a long time.

WINSTON [PETERS] Well, if they did something sound and substantial, I would agree with them, but take, for example, parental reunion. They?ve said it?s suspended now until 2018. Well, they?ve gotten almost 2500 applications. That?s why it?s suspended, sitting parked up now. When it comes to the issue of the skills category, nearly one in two are coming in without skills. They?re here now. And then when you come to, for example, the changes on the student visas, well, you remember what happened. Students were coming in for export education, then they said, ?You can work in our economy.? It?s no longer export education when they say that. And then they said because we weren?t competing with the rest of the world?s best education institutions, ?Oh, we?ll give you a pathway to residency.? You see how it?s perverted it? And then a lot of people in the export education business are actually from abroad in this country exploiting their own people, and the fraud is massive. Now, when we produced all that information, this government met us in Parliament and in the media day after day, saying that this wasn?t true.

JESSICA Do you think it?s political, then? Do you think they?ve seen this gap and seen how popular your policy is, I guess, and they?re trying to steal your thunder? Is that how it feels to you?

WINSTON Well, it may be that, but what really concerns my party is that however frivolously they might act now, still the massive cost to address this issue is to the New Zealand taxpayer, and the demand is, as you know, in housing is massive. Look at the gridlock in Auckland – two and a half, two and three-quarter hours morning and night now.

JESSICA Do you think that?s purely because of immigration? Do you think that?s to blame?

WINSTON Well, if you?re bringing in 70,000 net a year – that?s net and the city of New Plymouth – to Auckland a year and 40,000 cars new on the roads of Auckland every year, I mean, who here is dreaming that after the local government election that they?re going to fix anything? You get my point.

Few Whaleoil readers will believe it will fix anything at all. ?This is why I have been calling on the government to kerb immigration before any of the “crises” were acknowledged.

And now, the government has ‘reduced’ immigration. ?But, have they really?

JESSICA Because let?s talk about the parents that have been very much a focus this week. People who have immigrated here, as you say, want to create a better life for themselves. They want their parents to come in. On a personal level, can you see how that would make them feel more settled here in New Zealand?

WINSTON Well, of course I can. I mean, we?ve got a greater sense of humanity than many other political party has, and we speak that way. But if I go to America to get a green card, that?s just me. If I go to the UK, that?s just me. I go to France, it?s just me. I can?t bring Uncle Tom Cobley and all, and we can?t afford it. But here?s the point – 31% who got into the parental reunion category, that is sponsored their parents, have shot through, and-

JESSICA So do we need to work on that aspect, then? Do we need to have more structures in place?

WINSTON Well, in 2012, 2013, we said to this government, ?Look, you?re being cheated too. You?re being lied to.? They just denied it. Then they said, ?Well, we?ll now bring in a new asset- money category with these older people.? Did they police it? No. So what they engaged themselves in was a complicated exercise of denial and deception, and it?s all exposed now. Do we feel good about it? No, I don?t. I despair as to what?s happened to this country, because in so many areas, it makes the job of recovery so much harder now.


And it is exactly that sentiment that NZ First have tapped into. ?And by the time Winston starts to make sense, you really know that National has been sucked too far to the left.