I wonder if Lizzie Marvelly and Labour are going to be upset over Hadyn Marriner’s rape jokes?

Lizzie Marvelly is a national anthem singer, veteran whinger and ideal Labour candidate for Rotorua. Haydn Marriner is chair of the Labour Rotorua LEC.

Lizzie Marvelly is absolutely disgusted at Paul Henry’s appreciation of a woman’s breasts. Meanwhile, Haydn Marriner is making rape jokes online.


One wonders if Lizzie or indeed the whole Labour party will take such a firm public stance with Haydn Marriner as they has with Paul Henry and John?Key.

Or is it different when the left does it?

And wasn’t it Labour who was aghast at fight clubs in prisons?

If you see fireworks then you can be sure that Little Lizzie Marvelly is looking at changing her career from national anthem singer to politician and will challenge Todd McClay in Rotorua.