Yes Kerre, but you forgot some other ratbags and spies

Kerre McIvor has a great column in the Herald on Sunday about the real spies in our midst and it isn’t the GCSB or SIS.

I find the idea of sex in a toilet unappealing, but the idea of somebody being so prurient as to record the sounds of people at it is even more unpalatable.

Anyway, after about 10 minutes, the rhythmic tapping noises stopped, Smith and his friend emerged, separately, from the loo and Smith rejoined his All Blacks teammates.

Smith has now been sent home from South Africa, where the All Blacks played early this morning, after the couple gave the recording and an account of what they saw to the media.

The husband thought it was “kinda funny” but his wife, apparently, became more and more incensed by what she’d witnessed – more specifically, heard – and decided to hold Smith to account.

She says most people wouldn’t behave in that fashion, let alone the All Blacks, who are role models for young children. ?

The fact they’re on the Weet-Bix boxes seemed to have been the tipping point for her and she persuaded her husband to rat out Smith. Which reinforces my opinion that it’s not the Government and the GCSB we have to worry about spying on us.

Its our fellow citizens and their smartphones. Nobody is safe, as Smith discovered.

Yes, and as a victim of illegal spying by a criminal hacker it seems many of those who rail against the?GCSB and SIS were also part and parcel of the attack against my privacy and those of my friends.

We even saw just over a week ago that Colin Craig’s ratbag lawyers were quite prepared to use the product of illegal hacking to try and get their idiot client off the hook. Thankfully the media were well aware of my injunction and didn’t repeat anything despite the efforts of a criminal to pervert the course of justice.

The same people who march in the streets against the GCSB and SIS are the very same people who revelled in the hacking of my information. I hazard a guess that the actual hacker is also a similar protestor.

Their hypocrisy and criminality knows no bounds.

Kerre?McIvor is right, the real spies are our fellow citizens.


– Herald on Sunday