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Apparently, I have encouraged closer scrutiny of local body candidates in Nelson and Marlborough.

A leak to controversial blogger Cameron Slater has sparked interest in who will be Marlborough’s new mayor.

Four well-known local men are putting their hands up to replace outgoing mayor Alistair Sowman, who’s hanging up the chains after 12 years in the job.

This Saturday’s election comes weeks after minutes from a closed door meeting on the future of the controversial new ASB Theatre were leaked the Whale Oil blog. ?

The Hits Nelson Marlborough host Scott Radanovich said the scandal has at least got some people thinking about council politics.

“This has caused a wave of don’t cares in the region, through to why are councillors having closed door meetings in the first place.

“It has sparked interest, if be it briefly, in council politics, but more a case of he-said she-said from those involved.”

It wasn’t he said-she said…it was a recording of one ratbag standing for mayor stating something in private and during a secret meeting that differed from his public stance about the Dodgy Socialist Theatre.

It also busted the Marlborough Express for their inherent bias in favouring the Council and the Mayor.

The people of Marlborough have been poorly served by their local news outlet.


– NewstalkZB