After 30 years representing Mt Roskill, Labour and Goff now want to actually do something

Labour have issued some new statistics about housing in Mt Roskill.

They are claiming that they are going to fix the situation.

Fewer than one in five adults under 40 in Mt Roskill own their own home according to new research, says Opposition Leader Andrew Little.

?Young people simply cannot afford to buy in Mt Roskill. As in much of New Zealand, prices are rising too fast while incomes are stagnant. The typical Mt Roskill house now costs $892,000, up $273,000 in the past two years.

?The median house price in Mt Roskill has been rising at $2,300 a week since June 2014. The median wage is up just $80 in the same time. Under National, the Kiwi dream of owning your own home is slipping away.

?Not a single affordable home has been built in Special Housing Areas in Mt Roskill, according to Auckland Council. ?

?I welcome Auckland Mayor Phil Goff?s call for central government to take the lead in fixing the housing crisis. Labour will build 100,000 affordable houses for first homebuyers to purchase and shut speculators out of the market.

?Labour?s comprehensive housing plan will stabilise house prices and give young people a fair shot at the Kiwi dream,? says Andrew Little.

So, after 30 plus years of representing Mt Roskill, Phil Goff and Labour are finally going to so something about housing in Mt Roskill. There must be a by-election on.

Why didn’t Phil Goff do anything while he was an MP? Why didn’t Labour when they were in government between 1984 -1990 and 1999 -?2008?

All this press release says is that Labour only cares about housing in Mt Roskill when there is a by-election on…elect a new Labour?MP and get ignored for another 30 years.

If anyone is to blame for the situation in Mt Roskill then firstly it rests with the ex-Mp and now current mayor, Phil Goff, who sat on his hands living in Clevedon. The next person to blame is Labour’s man who was mayor of six years, Len Brown.

As for Phil Goff actively helping Labour in Mt Roskill…well the man is a lying two-faced ratbag. He promised us he would be independent, turns out he is just another Labour liar.


-Labour party