There is always some scumbag wanting to take advantage of a crisis

These people are really beneath contempt.

I hope they cop a good hard beating?are suitably chastised when they are caught.

Police are investigating three burglaries reported in the aftermath of this morning’s massive earthquake.

Hundreds of Christchurch residents fled their homes as a tsunami warning was issued in the early hours of the morning.

As of 9am Christchurch police had received three reports of burglaries which Canterbury District Commander Superintendent John Price said “appear to have occurred while people were evacuated following the earthquakes”.

“Police will investigate each report as usual and are absolutely confident we can deal with normal crime as well as the earthquake response and reassurance,” Price told the Herald. ?

The Herald revealed that Melissa Mill and her husband Matt arrived home about five hours after fleeing their New Brighton home to find it ransacked.

A work truck and $5000 hearing device relied upon by their disabled 12-year-old daughter were stolen.

“If people witness crime or are concerned about suspicious behaviour we encourage them to follow the normal processes and contact police immediately,” said Price.

“It is extremely disappointing that in a time when people are facing a traumatic event, others decide to take advantage like this.”

He said the fear of being looted should not trump personal safety when it came to returning home.

“We understand people may have concerns about the security of their homes following evacuations, but it is important people do not return until it is made clear by the appropriate authorities it is safe to do so,” Price advised.

How low can people go? Pretty low it seems.


– NZ Herald