And so the whining starts…

The season highlights how inconsiderate some people are; placing their own interests above those of the rest of the community despite the great costs imposed.

You might be surprised to learn how damaging these things are. ACC reports over twelve thousand injuries costing nearly five million dollars are caused annually by this scourge. Worse, people are being killed. In a tragic case in 2013, a 31-year-old Auckland woman was killed, and earlier this year a 7-year-old boy suffered severe facial injuries.

Many complain of being kept awake at night by the noise. Children, when not being injured are often scared and horses in particular can be frightened.

It is incomprehensible that although so many people find these damnable things to be frightening, dangerous and noisy, the Government does nothing about them. Just last week I was walking through a park and saw evidence of inconsiderate and irresponsible people who failed to clean up their mess, leaving a trail of disgusting debris everywhere.

Let’s not forget the emergency services who are called out day and night dealing with complaints about the noise, dealing with damage and tragically sometimes taking young children to hospital.

There is no doubt people who use these things enjoy them but the cost imposed on the rest of society is just not acceptable. Children are being injured. Children. The most vulnerable in our society, those most needing our protection, are being damaged and yet we do nothing.

But enough about the problem of dogs. Let’s talk about fireworks, something I care about as I import and sell them.

Oooooh, what a troll. ?

The Fire Service is having their annual whinge about having to put out a few brush fires and dousing the occasional garage where some idiot has lost control of their roman candle, but at least they appear to dropped the previous call to make them illegal.

Unhelpfully, the New Zealand Veterinary Association has got into the season by calling for a fireworks ban while the damage to children by dogs, or indeed to our native fauna by domestic cats, does not seen to galvanise their angst.

Dog owners, clearly oblivious to the carnage their pets cause, want the hundreds of thousands of people who enjoy an annual blast to be corralled into a park somewhere, carefully avoiding canine excrement, to watch someone else light off a few crackers.

Dogs are parasites. They exist because humans find value in having them. I have one. She has three legs and isn’t that bright but there it is. My neighbours should not have to adjust their lives around the feelings of my plank-stupid Labrador any more than I should be prevented from letting off some crackers because it makes the neighbour’s pony sad.



-?Damien Grant, Stuff