Is Andrew going to cancel all undercover operations on his first day as Prime Minister?

It would seem that?Andrew Little is going to cancel all undercover?police operations on his first day as Prime Minister?

That will, of course, be in 10 years time, but it certainly seems that way from his?latest pronouncement.

It would be frightening if police had used a parliamentary inquiry into euthanasia as the basis for setting up a “dodgy” breath testing checkpoint to identify euthanasia supporters, Labour leader Andrew Little says.

Questions are still being raised about what prompted police to set up the checkpoint near an Exit International meeting last month as part of their investigation into a suspected euthanasia death.

Act Party leader David Seymour opened Question Time in parliament on Tuesday with the issue, asking Police Minister Judith Collins if the public were right to be concerned about police using roadside breath testing to collect personal information for unrelated investigations.

“Does the minister believe it is a good use of police officers to interrogate law-abiding people at a peaceful meeting of an advocacy group, given an 18 per cent increase in burglaries reported this week?” he asked.

Ms Collins said she couldn’t comment because the matter was being investigated by the Independent Police Conduct Authority.

Of course, the issue wouldn’t be there if David Cunliffe, Maryan Street and then Andrew Little hadn’t pulled various bills from parliament because they didn’t want there to be a debate on euthanasia during election year.

Nonetheless, Andrew Little is suggesting that all undercover work should cease.

Mr Little earlier said he agreed with those who said it was an abuse of power.

“Even if it was about investigating people who they thought might vaguely be linked to a specific death in Lower Hutt they simply should not have done it,” he said.

Asked whether police may have been reacting to the current parliamentary inquiry into assisted dying, the result of a petition by Labour MP Maryan Street, was “frightening”.

“That is not the way our Constitution is drawn – the police are there to uphold the laws, investigate them and act appropriately and properly on the basis of the information they receive.

“They should not be setting up dodgy checkpoints for ostensibly one purpose but using them for another. That is never acceptable.”

The government says the issue is a matter for police, who said they were acting in good faith.

The matter has been referred to the Independent Police Conduct Authority.

Suicide is not illegal, but assisting a suicide is. Andrew Little is just being retarded. On the one hand, he says Police should uphold laws, and when they are investigating such crimes he attacks them for being sneaky. I don’t agree with the law, but it is the law.

Again all this could have been avoided if Labour hadn’t demanded Maryan Street withdraw her bill before the last election. Andrew Little also made Iain Lees-Galloway withdraw his bill.

My mother died of cancer, I wish she had the choice but she didn’t. Even if she had the choice I doubt she would have made that choice, but at least she would have had the choice. During that traumatic time of her passing, not one of us would have assisted her to die though…that would have broken the law, even though we wanted her suffering to end.

If anyone is to blame for people’s continued suffering it is grandstanding arseholes like Maryan Street, David Cunliffe, Andrew Little and Iain Lees-Galloway. When they had the chance to help they ran the other way.

Now they have the temerity to use this issue to grandstand further.


– Fairfax, NZ Newswire, NZ Herald