Andrew Little doubles down on Periodic Detention for people on the dole

Labour leader Andrew Little is standing by the costings of his party’s policy of young people working for the dole, calling criticism “National Party spin”.

The policy was announced at the party’s annual general meeting over the weekend. People aged 18 to 24 years and who can’t find work will be given a six-month job working on environmental and community projects.

The scheme, which Mr Little says will be uncapped, was estimated to cost $60 million a year.

Prime Minister John Key says Labour has got the figures wrong and it will cost more.

Mr Little said the $60m figure is based on the evidence – from here and overseas – that people will on average spend four months in the programme.

“The costings aren’t wrong, there’s a National Party spin about it,” he told Newshub on Monday.

The calculations were robust and had been analysed by others.

“The figure of $60m a year is accurate, I stand by it.”


The figure being right or wrong isn’t the issue. ?The problem is that the policy is bat-shit crazy.

But who would have expected Labour to take a wild swing to the right and force unemployed to work for the dole? ?National would not have the balls to propose that.


– NZN via Yahoo! News