Andrew Little is an idiot. Launches jobs policy platform when unemployment is 4.9%

via One News

via One News

Only the terminally stupid and politically retarded would make a massive issue out of jobs and unemployment when New Zealand has record low unemployment.

Red Claire keeps putting the boot in:

Lest there was any doubt Labour’s conference was about jobs, leader Andrew Little announced the solution to youth unemployment was in an Andrew’s Army of rat hunters and bush whackers and even gave himself a job.

Andrew’s Army will come in the form of Labour’s new policy to offer under-24 year olds on the dole a 6-month stint working in community jobs such as on the Conservation estate in pest eradication or path maintenance.

The job Little set for himself was to win the 2017 election.

Good luck with that.

Labour’s delegates have clearly decided he is ready to govern – and in Labour that is no mean feat.

The bigger problem is convincing the rest of the country of that.

This party conference was all about putting on a show of being ready to govern. ?

With half-baked policies, wrong costings and solving problems that are already solved? Andrew Little couldn’t run a bath.

The Future of Work report, released at the conference, is a significant piece of work although its launch was overshadowed by the proposal of a training levy on businesses to try to get New Zealand workers rather than migrants into areas of skills shortages.

But overall the report provides a thorough diagnosis of a problem that does have to be dealt with.

There are some some loopy gimmicks – “creative thinking clubs” anyone?

There are the inevitable vast tracts of meaningless waffle such as recommendations to “develop a new vision for Pasifika in New Zealand”, to “enable work for beneficiaries” and to “make New Zealand a magnet for talent”.

But there are also proposals to boost training for both young workers and older workers forced to make a career change.

There are proposals to overhaul Work and Income into an agency that delivers more than benefits and corrals people into looking for jobs.

If there is a problem with the report, it is that it appears to put the primary responsibility for creating, finding and funding training and new jobs in the Government’s hands and therefore on the taxpayers’ pocket.

And most of that is already being done for the few remaining dead shits who are long-term unemployed.

It is fair to say that Labour’s announcements this weekend went down like a cup of cold-sick. The electorate won’t be that impressed either.

Only a fool would make jobs your election plank when unemployment is at 4.9%. Basically only the mentally infirm, criminal classes and terminally indolent are long-term unemployed.

Labour is no longer relevant, they continue to try to solve problems long fixed.


– Claire Trevett, NZ Herald