Andrew Little proves he is unfit for office

Andrew Little is a muppet at the best of times, but yesterday he showed what a complete tool he is.

He has said that he thinks there may be no point in rebuilding the road and we should look at alternate routes.

Was he wearing a blindfold when he was surveying the region with the PM?


Does he think that there is an easier route than the one chosen decades ago? You know when technology and earthmoving equipment wasn’t what it is today.?

Even Blind Freddy can see that an alternate route isn’t possible.

Is he even aware of the Marlborough fault system that put those mountains there in the first place?


So, yeah Andrew Little, let’s build an alternate route…can you show us where?

This is why Andrew Little should never be let near power. The man is a clown.

Right now New Zealand is going to have to make some choices. Would we like an alternate route in the South Island or the 4km Central Rail Loop in Auckland? Shall we fix State Highway One in the South Island or build a tram set down Dominion Road? Do we fix transport infrastructure at the top of the?South Island or build Phil’s rail to the airport?

Personally, I think the rail line is doomed. The costs of fixing that are prohibitive. But watch Labour and the Greens insist on saving rail. Of course, they will have?guarantee all those tunnels are safe. If even one tunnel needs rebuilding then watch the costs skyrocket. The problem is that Andrew Little has already demonstrated his utter stupidity in suggesting an alternate route, so it is highly likely that they will try and burden the government with fixing a clapped out train track for a company that has never made a profit.